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P90X Equipment - Especially the Pull Up Bar

Here's the P90X equipment you need to do the workout program:

- Pull-up bar. OR resistance bands, and a high place to loop the resistance band over so you can simulate the motion of doing a pullup.

- Weights/dumbbells. OR resistance bands, if you don't have the dumbbells

Highly Recommended - a yoga mat and yoga blocks. These are (obviously) used for the Yoga routine. There is also one exercise that appears in a few of the videos (Dreya Rolls) where you're rolling on your back on the floor - having the soft mat makes it a lot more comfortable.

The yoga blocks are used for balance and stability during yoga. For instance, in some stretches you are asked to touch your hands to the floor. In some poses this can be difficult, so the block is there to cover the gap between your hand and the floor. If you don't have blocks, a sturdy box or a thick book could do - just make sure it's sturdy.

- Optional - push up stands/bars. These are nice 1) if you have wrist issues, helps take pressure off your wrists and forearems and 2) they give you another 6 inches or so range of motion for pushups, as they stand up off the floor.

Beachbody has all of the above items in good quality in their shop. Your local sporting goods store or even WalMart are options as well.

What kind of P90X Pullup Bar should I use?

It basically depends on your setup at home. The P90X chin up bar from Beachbody fits a doorway up to 32" wide and holds up to 300 pounds. It's got to be a sturdy doorway, and the border trim on the door is required. Don't worry, it won't rip off your trim.

We work out in our basement, and didn't have a doorway down there with trim. Our homemade solution attached to the ibeam in the basement consists of a pullup bar (not the P90X one, since it doesn't go on the doorway) mounted on a piece of wood. I need to put up some better pictures of this, but if you'd like a parts list and instructions on how to do this at your house, email me at anastasiam at gmail dot com.

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