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The P90X Recovery Drink

The P90X Recovery Drink is an orange-flavored drink that you can have during your workout, or after. When you work out, you're actually tearing your muscles a little bit. That and the buildup of lactic acid makes you sore. There's a window of about an hour after you work out where your body is most ready to recieve nutrients to help repair itself. So there's 2 things key to a recovery drink - first, the one-hour window as just mentioned, and secondly, a formulation of approximately 4 parts carbohydrates to 1 part protein.

I'm in a place where I don't drink it after every workout. I usually feel pretty good after cardio workouts, but resistance training is another story - so after something like Shoulders and Arms, or maybe Plyo, I'll have it. I find the P90X results and recovery formula helps reduce my soreness by about half.

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What's in the P90X Recovery Formula?

It's 220 calories. It's got vitamin A, some B vitamins, C, E and a few others, and things you're probably familiar with in high quality recovery drinks like creatine and L-arginine. It's sweetend with stevia, and it really does taste good - ask the bunches of people who came to our Beachbody booth at a recent fitness event and drank us dry. Check out the label

It provides you with

•The perfect balance of proteins to ensure optimal muscle repair and growth

•Carbohydrates, both simple and complex, to replenish your energy and glycogen stores

•Antioxidants and other vitamins to prevent muscle soreness and encourage overall nutrition

Go here to order: Single Serve Packets     Big Tub

Packets or tub gives you a month's supply. If you like the product but would like a discount, consider putting it on Home Direct (autoship) to save your shipping costs. Also consider becoming a Beachbody Coach in order to get 25% off your products.

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