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P90X Results

My P90X Results P90X Before and After
I love P90X success stories, especially since now I'm one of them. Here's me and my husband's results in pictures, and others as well.
Does P90X Really Work?
Yes it does - here's more proof as well as why it works, and what you have to do to make it work for YOU.
How Long Does It Take to See Results With P90X?
Here's the skinny on getting skinny.

P90X is a total body workout that will work each part of your body at least once during any given week. It’s a well rounded program implementing different types of exercise, which results in overall strength, muscle building, improved flexibility and tone – so you’re not going to end up only losing weight but not having any muscle tone, or have big arms but wimpy little legs. This is good, because you’ll likely find workouts that are more your strengths and others that aren’t, but this will result in improvements all over your body. You can check out our P90X before and after photos here.

We’re living examples of this. I am not great on upper body workouts (I still can’t do an unassisted pull-up) - and my husband was a total yoga virgin when starting. However, he says he’s now more flexible than he’s ever been before, which is helping him in other types of workouts. I was looking back at some pictures from when we were first married and realized how skinny my arms were, they were like little brown sticks. They look like real arms now, not sticks, and not bone with flab attached like they looked after pregnancy.

More importantly, I had a car accident years ago that left me with sore upper shoulders and neck – lots of physical therapy helped, but even so, simple things that put weight on my upper shoulders (like carrying a backpack) hurt and started a headache. This has completely gone away, I suppose from all the strengthening. When people ask me about P90X success stories and does P90X really work, I always tell them this story – weight loss is kind of expected, but solving that issue totally wasn’t.

You can see my P90X review is pretty positive – but it’s not just because of the physical gains. One big component of the program is the P90X nutrition plan. It’s not weird or exotic, just basic good nutrition, but helped me break some bad habits and be more mindful as well of what I give my kids! You can read more about the P90X diet plan here – but for now, check out the other articles here see more P90X results.

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