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P90X Ab Ripper

The P90X Ab Ripper X video is a shorter workout at only 16 minutes. Most of the 12 moves are at 25 reps each, although the last one is 40 with an extra bonus 10 thrown in at the end. The moves are done sitting or laying down, and some, like In and Outs, are abs AND core work. With In and Outs, you balance on your rear with your hands on the floor behind you, while extending and the bending your legs in the air out in front of you. Try it - you'll feel it in your abs but also your upper thighs - the entire core region.

It's a well rounded program with upper abs, lower abs and obliques each being individually targeted. If you're doing the Classic version of P90X, you'll do the P90X ab ripper video 3 times per week - if you're doing Lean, you'll only do it twice per week. Regardless of Classic or Lean, you won't do it on a recovery week at all. It's short and intense, hence the popular phrase from the P90X Ab Ripper video... 'I hate it... but I love it'.

Tony Horton says 'abs are made in the kitchen', and if you research the subject he's totally right. Do it for a few weeks and you'll feel those muscles in your stomach build. The challenge for many is getting through the last little fat on the belly to get those abs to peek though. Eating properly, and often times a little extra cardio to burn that fat, is usually the answer.

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