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Your P90X guide as you go through the program is made up of two documents – one is the Fitness Guide describing the actual exercises and schedule you should follow, the other P90X manual describing the diet. Both are essential to your success with the program.

The Fitness Guide discusses the 3 phases of the 90-day P90X program, and introduces the idea of muscle confusion. Because the schedule changes every time you start a new 30-day phase, your body never becomes accustomed to the routines. Within each phase, you go through a 3-week set of adaptation and mastery, followed by a one week ‘recovery’ phase. The recovery week is no cakewalk, it will probably challenge you as much as any other week, but uses a different set of exercises and relies less heavily on resistance training.

The Nutrition Guide is your catalyst to getting rid of junk and giving your body the healthy fuel it needs to lose weight, build muscle, and perform well. Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring this, it really is that important. Set aside a little time to go through this P90X pdf, as you’ll need to do some calculations and come up with a game plan for how to approach your food. Counting calories and keeping track of portions takes some organization, but your efforts will repay you many times over. The old adage of garbage in, garbage out applies - if you’re going to put in the work to do the workouts, you won’t want to screw it up by eating poorly. This P90X guide will get you started on the path to doing it right.

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