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The P90X Fitness Guide pdf

Are you looking for a P90X fitness guide download? Here's a workable alternative, as there doesn't seem to be a place to get one, at least in book form.

Grab a free Team Beachbody account. Once you have your account, go to the Get Fit tab, then choose Workout Sheets. Grab the one called P90Xcel. Be sure to grab the EXCEL that is way at the bottom of the page... scroll past all the worksheets, although you can download those too if you want.

How does this compare to what's in the P90X Fitness Guide?

It's very similar in content, just different in format. An added bonus is that the Excel has tabs to record your calorie intakes, the workout schedule, printable sheets to record your weight and reps, etc.

The printed guide contains some introductory information, then tells you how to do the Fit Test. There is a tab in the Excel sheet where you can record your Fit Test results. Here's the P90X Fit Test instructions.

The printed guide then describes the nutritional supplements you can choose to use such as the P90X Recovery Formula, the P90X protein bars, and other supplements like whey protein powder you can find when you click on Shop in the Team Beachbody account (which you just created to grab your Excel). The printed fitness guide goes on to give some general tips, which are good, but unfortunately not repeated in the Excel. From there, it describes the Classic vs. Lean vs. Doubles programs and gives the schedules.

You can find the P90X schedule, the P90X lean schedule here, and the P90X doubles schedule here.

From there, the printed P90X fitness guide has a description of the P90X equipment you need to do the workouts, and then each move in each workout and how to modify the moves. The Excel does NOT have a description of each of the moves... however, the DVDs are very clear on how to do each move, and alternative for modifying the moves are shown during the workouts.

One of the best things you can do before starting your workouts is take your 'before' photos, as described in the fit test pdf above. You will be very glad you did at the end of 90 days when you see just how much progress you made.

P90X is tough - the most important thing to remember - Do Your Best and Forget the Rest.

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