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If you are looking for a place to download P90X, unfortunately there is no place to do that. At least legally. The only place to buy the P90X program is through Beachbody or a Team Beachbody Coach. The retail price is $120, and it comes with 12 discs, a Nutrition Guide, a Fitness Guide, and a Calendar. Through Beachbody, it also comes with 2 free bonus workouts from the P90X One on One series.

Of course it's possible to find copies that people legitimately bought and later sell on places like Craig's List or a garage sale, and if you find that, fine. Beyond that, if you see it somewhere for less than that or missing the guides, you are dealing with a ripped off copy.

$120 can seem like a lot for a workout program. Here are some reasons you should do the right thing and purchase through Beachbody.

1. Replacement discs. If your dog mistakes one of your discs for a frisbee, one get damaged, whatever, Beachbody can only help you out with replacement discs if you have bought from them. If you bought from elsewhere, they can't help out, and the discs are not sold on a one-by-one basis.

2. 90 Day Guarantee. If you buy it, try it, and don't like it, simply return it. All you pay for is the shipping to send it back. You have nothing to lose, except unwanted weight.

3. It's worth the price. P90X comes with 12 DVDs, so at $120 that's $10 per DVD. You pay more for that at the movie theater, buying just a movie on DVD, and probably for lunch. I guarantee you will get a lot more out of P90X than a movie or lunch gets you. In my opinion, if you are serious about taking control of your health/weight/etc, $120 is a small price to pay - you can pay now to take care and maintain your health, or pay later to restore it. You also get those two extra workouts from the P90X One on One series - those are normally sold for $20 each.

Compare also what you'd be paying to go to the gym on a monthly basis. If working out at home sounds good to you, you'll be avoiding the hassle and time of driving back and forth to the gym AND not stopping after exercise wondering what to do next. The convenience of popping in the disc, pushing play and then doing my best and forgetting the rest works well at our house, if we had to get to the gym with young kids in the mix, we'd never get there.

4. Downloading pirated stuff is stealing. Plain and simple.

5. If you're trying to use a P90X torrent or other means of trying to get free P90X, you don't know what you're getting. With torrents and copies, your chance of getting malicious or bad quality stuff is high.

One thing you can consider is becoming a Beachbody Coach. This program gets you 25% off all products, and makes a lot of sense when purchasing a program if you think you might also start using some of the Beachbody tools like Shakeology, protein bars, Results and Recovery drink, and so on.

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